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Leading [AI] Innovation in North Alabama

In today's world, artificial intelligence [AI] has become an indispensable component of national security.

The ability to harness [AI] technologies for defense, intelligence, and cybersecurity purposes is paramount in safeguarding a nation's interests. 

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About [ARC]

The AI Research Collaborative [ARC] is a groundbreaking initiative led by the University of Alabama in Huntsville's Invention to Innovation Center (I2C). ARC will focus on three pillars: Education and Training, Employment, and Economic Development in the North Alabama region.


By driving multifaceted partnerships between academia, industry, and government, ARC aims to advance the science of artificial intelligence [AI] and enable its practical applications in research, innovation, and problem-solving.

Serving as a neutral and trusted platform, ARC's goal is to position North Alabama as a hub for distributed and collaborative [AI] research.


ARC's mission is to drive [AI] innovation, research, and development while nurturing an inclusive and dynamic AI ecosystem in North Alabama.


ARC aims to be the catalyst for educational and economic growth, employment opportunities, and collaborative research endeavors in the [AI] domain.


ARC envisions North Alabama as a global hub for [AI] research and development. We seek to position the region at the forefront of [AI] capabilities, fostering a vibrant, sustainable, and diverse community of learners, innovators, and industry leaders.

Our Partners

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Join the [ARC] Community

[ARC] is always looking for collaborators and partners who are passionate about technology innovation.


If you are interested in joining our community, please contact us to learn more.

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